Chiropractic Help Losing weight in Canandaigua, NY Dr Ann Miller
Beth and her daughter completed Dr. Ann’s program together and rocked it! In 6 weeks, Beth lost 32lbs and 23in. and her daughter lost 25lbs and 17″.
Matt lost an AMAZING 50lbs and 22″ in only 6 weeks, on Dr. Ann’s program!
While working with Dr. Ann over a 4 month period, Cathy lost a total of 38 pounds and 41″
Rachel wanted to lose a little bit of ‘baby weight’– and she sure did! She lost 24lbs and 18″ in 6 weeks! And then continued to lose after the program ended!
weight loss before and after
Ashleigh lost 65lbs and an astounding 39″ in just 15 weeks!
Erin lost 22lbs and 19″ in 6 weeks! And, she continued to lose another 12lbs, after the program ended, during the maintenance phase!