Dealing with Stress? Consider A Nutritional Approach

The pressures of life push many people to the edge of being unhealthy. There are a plethora of responsibilities that a person may have starting from the individual level and extending to the family and societal levels. It is not a surprise to find that chronic stress is an ongoing, significant problem for many people.

Stress is basically a response that the body has to the surrounding environment, both internal and external. Therefore, if you are to effectively deal with stress, it is advisable to deal with both factors. The following post offers an introduction to an effective way that chronic stress may be managed:

Stress & Nutrition: Do You Live With Chronic Stress?

Do you live with chronic stress?

Ongoing stress has become something many of us live with as we try to find a balance between work, relationships, rest, and recreation. As we look to improve our health and happiness, it is no wonder that a key focus is to take a look at this balance, and see where we can reduce our stress. We might try prioritizing our demands and saying “no” more often, bringing a meditation practice into our everyday life, or establishing a good sleep routine.

Despite our best efforts though, sometimes we experience events that are out of our control and result in trauma or heightened stress over a long period of time. Read more at Collective Evolution…

As the post above describes, keeping chronic stress at bay requires that you have your priorities in the right order. This is often a challenging task, especially when the unexpected happens. To effectively deal with such difficult times, you need a working plan to cushion you against the trouble.

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Eating a balanced diet is critical in preparing you for the challenging times in life. The following post explains how this can be achieved:

Can Nutrition Help You To Have A Stress-free Life?

Do you think absence of disease indicates “good health”?  True health can be achieved through a holistic approach that targets physical, mental, and social wellbeing of a human being. This means our eating habits, physical activity, mental health, and social interaction together define our overall good health.

A well-known American Scientist Ancel Keys was surprised when he observed that poor population living in small towns of southern Italy were much healthier and happier than the wealthy citizens of New York City. The curiosity made him examine the difference in their lifestyle and to his surprise he found that dietary habits of these populations were significantly different and made a huge impact on their overall health. Read more at Four Fountains Labs…

Amazingly, as the post above describes, affluence is not a guarantee of better health or happiness. In the end, we really are what we eat.

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You may be wondering how to start, especially if you are on the brink of a stress-related breakdown. If this is the case, apart from having a balanced diet, you may want to take a dose of food nutrients that are targeted at reducing stress levels. The following post explains this in detail:

The Top Three Nutritional Supplements for Chronic Stress

There are many sources that list their ‘top three’ supplements for chronic stress, but I chose these because of their integrated health benefits to the body so that they deal with root cause of stress.

According to the American Psychological Association, 75% of Americans have moderate to high stress. The American Institute of Stress also reports that about 80% of people in the U.S experience stress on the job.

Nutrition plays a critical role in stress management. The top three nutritional supplements, chosen for the reasons mentioned above, are briefly discussed below. Read more at Psych Central…

Nutritional supplements are an important part of the stress-relieving process, as you just read. However dietary inputs need to be supported by other deliberate lifestyle adjustments that will keep you truly healthy.

basket of fresh fruits and veggiesIf you are seeking a tailor-made nutrition plan that will help you develop a healthier life, Dr. Ann Miller can offer you a customized nutrition and wellness plan that will allow you to feel your best and lose excess weight. Contact her today by phone at 585-396-0527, or through the contact form on the homepage of the website.

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