Preparing for Pregnancy

Have you ever thought it strange to give prenatal vitamins and minerals to a woman AFTER she becomes pregnant??

Prenatal nutrition should start several months BEFORE conception to get the bodies of both parents ready for a baby. Oftentimes, the nutritional status of the father is overlooked even though it will be an influence before and after conception. Both the mother and father should be in the best possible health before attempting to have a child.

pregnant woman holding folic acid sign.
A vitamin deficiency BEFORE pregnancy will have you playing catch up after conception.

Think of it this way: if a deficiency already exists in the mother when she becomes pregnant and nutritional support (prenatal vitamins) will not arrive for roughly another month after conception, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to play catch-up. This is because some of the most important fetal development happens within the first month.

6 Guidelines To Help The Parents-To-Be

Many of my patients tell me that they eat a good diet. Well, if that is true, how do they develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies? The average American diet is not deficient in nutrients; it may not be a balanced diet but seldom is it deficient. Surprised? You shouldn’t be! The majority of our packaged food has been fortified with vitamins and minerals. The nutrition is there! What has not been replaced during processing are the naturally occurring enzymes.

So, if the problem is not a dietary deficiency, it must be ‘nutrient assimilation’ and that requires those missing enzymes. Enzymes are necessary to begin the digestive processes of absorption and utilization. Fat digestion and assimilation for both males and females is incredibly important as it concerns, not only conception, but also the development of the fetus. When fatty acids are not digested and assimilated, they become the problem with problem-pregnancies. In this day of great technological advances in fertility, essential nutrients take a backseat and are often entirely forgotten.

If you are preparing for pregnancy or are having difficulty with fertility you may have digestive problems. Call our office today if you would like to know your nutritional status. We can help!