Doing Your Part To Get Healthy And Stay Healthy


Two phrases to live by: When you learn, teach. When you get, give.


In our constantly changing world of healthcare, there is a rapidly increasing need for education. People are becoming desperate for answers, change, healing and wellness. You need only look at the multitude of drug commercials on television to get an idea of the “health” crisis we are in.

Are we going to the doctor for answers? After all, doctor in Latin means “teacher”. Are our doctors teaching us how to be healthy? I don’t think so. And if not to our doctors, where do we go for answers? Today people have to do their own homework, their own research about their health condition. Television provides information about potential drugs that may help, all while fueling the pharmaceutical industries hold on our level of wellness. Why? Because we are growing in desperation to feel good and live the life we dreamed.

But let’s talk about wellness for just a minute. What does it mean to be well? We are encouraged as adults, and required as children to go for WELLNESS check-ups. And it’s a selling point of insurance policies to provide this at no cost. So we go. And are, in fact, happy to go to find out we are well. We are happy to find out that little Johnny or Susie is growing on the growth chart. But what does this all really have to do with our level of health? What do these doctor visits really tell us about what is going on inside our body or our children’s bodies? Wouldn’t you agree that the child you brought to the doctor at the age of 2 is certainly not the same body that you brought at 12?

Our adult bodies are going through the same changes of breakdown, growth and repair, breakdown, growth and repair and so on. So, what happens when we are aging and the growth and repair is not quite normal yet, not quite abnormal enough for us to know anything is wrong? It’s the period of time between loss of normal body function and the discovery of disease. The year we go for that wellness check and things are not “well”. The year when the labs show one, or a combination of findings like high cholesterol, increased blood sugar, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, acid reflux disease, weight gain. Maybe the year when asthma, allergies or hormone imbalances are discovered. What happened? When did it happen? And more importantly, were you aware of it happening and tried a drug to covered it up?

Symptoms are the body’s early warning signal that it is not able to maintain health and needs help. Did you know that positive laboratory results mean that your body has already lost its ability to maintain health and that chronic degenerative disease has begun?

We have all been taught to play the “wait and see” game of our health care system. And only because you don’t know that there is a way to determine your body’s level of health before your labs indicate a disease process is underway. It’s called a 24-hour urinalysis. It is the best screening procedure and early warning system available today to identify the reasons behind your symptoms – so you don’t just cover them up.

This test allows me to look at the body as a whole. I use a special test called a 24 hour urinalysis to see where in your body’s 10 organ systems you are struggling. It locates the cause of DIS-EASE.

Once the cause is known, the treatment becomes obvious! There is no guessing and it is individualized. It is not a “this for that” treatment of symptoms.


This is what I’ve learned and this is what I educate my patients about. In my office you will learn how to maintain health not cover up the early symptoms of disease. And it’s my sincere hope and desire for you and our community to benefit from this information by applying it to your life. Then you will experience the benefit of true wellness and pass it along or give the gift of health to another. Working together we can change our community one person at a time.