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Hello Beautiful Beings! My name is Melissa.

Around the office, you will usually find me assisting Dr. Ann with New Patient Consultations, running bars, and probably talking someone’s ear off about our Mother Earth Labs products because I love them so much!

I am a seeker of consciousness and truth; living sustainably and in-balance with our beautiful planet is important to me. I have always had a magical relationship with the natural world so when it was time to study at university, I picked Natural Resource Conservation and Environmental Studies. I knew I wanted to share my love of nature with others and help guide them to their own beautiful relationship with the earth, too. This was my passion for many years and I had an amazing experience traveling and learning about ecosystems all over the world.

I am also a seeker of information and truth. I never stop learning! After a twenty-year career in environmental education, I felt like my purpose needed expansion. I needed a new way to share what I already inherently know; caring for self is the best path to caring for our planet. My own path to self-care and wellness is what lead me to Dr. Ann. I knew there was something special about her the first day I met her! Her energy and truth spoke to me on a very authentic level. I started my journey with Dr. Ann by taking her Access Bars Class and becoming a Bars Practitioner. I love running Bars and gifting my energy to others. 

At home, I am currently studying courses in Divine Healing and Nutrition. I live a low footprint lifestyle and take food very seriously. I studied Biointensive Organic Growing in college and have always had a green thumb. My husband and I homestead and live in a tiny off-grid yurt which is home-powered by solar. We grow fresh fruit, veggies, raise our own meat and eggs, as well as keep honeybees. It is a lot of work but knowing what I put into my body is important to me and my commitment to health.