Managing Mood with Food

Did you know that mood disorders are at an all- time high? Does it come as any surprise that we can manage our mood  with food? Consider the following:

Exhaustion after a meal

We all say that Thanksgiving turkey puts us to sleep, but what is actually acting as the sedative. Is it really the turkey?


You know, when you haven’t eaten as you should and all of a sudden you could eat everything in sight. And if you don’t get food right away you are miserable, snippy and downright unpleasant to be around.

Energy slump/ brain fog

What’s your little pick- me up? Chocolate, candy, caffeine? A temporary fix at best and then the crash comes again. Is this the post sugar buzz?

So why should we think that medication is the answer? Aren’t we smarter than that? I keep asking myself the same question, “Are people programmed to seek out the easiest fix at the expense of their most important asset, their BRAIN?”

Legal drugs effect the brain, illegal drugs effect the brain, food effects the brain. Oh yeah and in case you didn’t know, “ALL Drugs are initially derived from food. They are concentrations of a food or herbs active ingredient! Once isolated, they are reproduced in the lab synthetically. Illegal drugs are produced synthetically in a lab too!

So my point is, “Why start with a drug when you can start with food?” Don’t do it just because it seems easier. All drugs have side effects. God knows, you only have to watch TV to know that. Drugs are pushed on us 24/7. And the side effects? Well, Big Pharma might just as well recommend cocaine or heroine for all the times I’ve heard organ failure or death as a possible side effect of whatever legal drug they are pushing.

Are we being encouraged to become a society of addicts? A drug for every ailment! Don’t you think we should learn to manage our moods with food? I don’t believe that I am the only one thinking about this. I would love to know your thoughts… Share below.

~ All the best;

Dr. Ann