Making a Resolution that Makes a Difference

Each year just as we get past the holidays, we immediately shift to New Years and making resolutions.

Look at the picture above. Have you thought about your resolution? Do you have one of these resolutions picked for yourself?

When I looked at the list of resolutions in the picture I found they all had something in common. They were all a symptom of a type of stress. Let me explain what I mean.

If you are looking to decrease nutritional stress your resolution may be to lose weight, quit smoking or get fit.

If you want to decrease physical stress your resolution may be to get fit, improve self or lose weight.

And if you need to decrease emotional stress your resolution may be to enjoy life more, get a better job, help others, spend more time with family.

What I’m trying to say is that our resolutions are often a reflection or a symptom of something else.

So this year really think about your resolution. What does your resolution tell you about your source of stress? How would the quality of your life change if you achieved this resolution?

I think taking a deeper look at your resolution will provide you with more insight to guide you toward your goal. How will you know you are making progress? Make an action plan. After all, “Rome was not built in a day”.

Use these questions as a guide to looking at your resolution from the 3 sources of stress. Take it seriously. It is for you!

#1 – How will achieving this goal impact me physically? What specifically will change?

#2 – Will achieving this goal impact my overall health and well- being? How will I feel?

#3 – Will achieving this goal impact my sense of “who I am”? Will it bring clarity of purpose and greater self-love?

The greatest gift is a gift to your Self. Give yourself the opportunity to go a little deeper and learn more about the possibilities that make you uniquely you!