It’s All About Energy

Do you ever wonder why some people suffer from physical pain, some are emotionally drained and others struggle with weight challenges? And how about those people you know that suffer from a combination of these? We are all different. And the difference lies in our body’s ability to produce and use energy. It takes energy for our bodies to maintain an upright posture against gravity, to regulate blood sugar levels so we can manage our moods, and to digest our foods properly so that our brains are aware that nutrition has come into the body.

And where does this energy come from? The body converts carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy. Vitamins, minerals and all the other supplements that currently make up a multi-billion dollar industry, are merely building blocks that must be delivered to the body by carbohydrates, proteins and fats in order to make energy – AND THAT TAKES ENERGY!

All symptoms are the result of energy deficiency caused by stress or by the demands that are being placed on the body that are more than it can handle. You see, we keep ourselves so busy and distracted that we never feel how lonely, hurt or mad we are. Nor do we pay attention to how we nourish ourselves; we don’t stop to attend to our physical discomforts until it’s too late. As a society we are constantly on the move, pushing through our days. We are human “doings” instead of human beings. And when we get too off balance we get symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, heartburn, joint stiffness, headaches, moods swings and insomnia.

These symptoms let us know that we have overdrawn our energy bank account. But where did you over draw your personal account? The body has 3 distinct areas that it needs energy to maintain. Or another way of saying it is, “The body has three types of stress that cause energy deficiency: mechanical, emotional and nutritional.” Your symptoms let you know that somewhere in your body you are robbing Peter to pay Paul. And we all know there is always a price paid for overdrawing one’s account. You may have overdraft protection but it only goes so far. Then what?

Well, I call this overdraft the gray area. The period between being and feeling healthy and receiving a diagnosis of disease from your primary care doctor. The problem is we don’t pay attention to this gray area. And this is where true health care and disease prevention lies. In my office this is where we focus our attention. We find out where your body is stressed and creating an energy deficiency. Once we know this, the treatment becomes obvious! Call our office today to find out where your body needs support to achieve optimal health and vitality.