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Infrared Sauna

How Infrared Saunas are a Health Saving Solution

Saunas = Hormesis = Good kind of Stress

  • Stimulates the immune system (exercise for the immune system)
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • Increases Healing in muscles and joints.
  • Actively burning out aberrant cells, cleaning body at cellular level. Great for Detox.
  • Heat Shock Proteins – produced by heat stress to get rid of free radicals in the body.

Stimulates FOX 03 Gene – manager of other genes. Tells other genes to create more WBC’s and STEM cells. Has potential to be cancer protective.

Three Types of Infrared Waves

  • Near – for healing and revitalization
  • Mid- deeper penetrating. Increases circulation, creating more oxygen to reach injured areas. Promotes muscle and joint healing.
  • Far – longest wavelength. Penetrates fat cells to help eliminate toxins and stimulate metabolism.
health benefits of infrared sauna - mind map sketch on art paper, health and lifestyle  infographics

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Use:


  • Skin is the largest organ of elimination.
  • Most people’s pores are inactive (they don’t sweat)
  • Sweat is the only proven method for getting the most damaging toxins out of the body -Sherry Rogers, MD
  • Sweating is how we get rid of pharmaceutical byproducts.
  • Sauna heat decongests the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system and the ducts of the liver and kidneys by moving blood away from the center of the body to the extremities.


  • 1% increase in body temperature results in 40% increase in immunity making you 30%less likely to get a virus.
  • Heat Shock Proteins get rid of free radicals and clean the body at a cellular level.

Weight Loss

  • Each sauna session burns calories by increasing heart rate and core temperature.
  • Fat cells store toxicity and keep it from getting into the body. As we lose toxicity through sweat the body no longer needs the fat cells to store toxicity. Weight loss becomes easier.
  • A 25-minute sauna session at 150 degrees is equivalent to 25 minutes on a stationary bike or a 3-mile slow jog.
  • When used post exercise enhances workout.


  • Regular use may be as effective a means for cardiovascular conditioning as regular exercise. -JAMA 1981
  • Finnish Study – sauna use 4-7 times per week may result in 50% less likelihood to die of any cardiovascular disease.
  • Far infrared sauna use 15 minutes per day for 2 weeks resulted in significantly lowered blood pressure and blood sugar, lowered cholesterol and triglycerides and an increase in blood flow and weight loss. -Dr. Imamura, Japan