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What if happiness were just a choice?

Do you remember when you were a kid? Every day was exciting. The magic in your life was from the magic of YOU. When you were a kid you were willing to just be you, that was it! You were not out to impress anybody. You were just YOU! What if you lived a life like that? We are here to help you rediscover your childlike wonder and knowing.. that happiness has always been just a choice.

In our practice, we are willing to see people as greater than they are willing to see themselves. In a place of no judgement, we hope that you will begin to see the gift you are to the world and embrace the difference you be! What if embracing the difference you ‘be’ would allow you to create your life as different from other peoples’ lives?

What if you could move away from the pain and suffering, trauma and drama that everybody else finds so valuable?

What if you could begin to function from a different possibility?

Chiropractic Care & Weight Loss Center staff
Access Bars

Access Bars

A light touch, applied to the 32 Bars points on the head, begins to clear away all the thoughts, ideas, decisions and judgments you have locked up that keeps you from having the life you’ve always known is possible. Bars has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives (including but not limited to: better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, improved relationships and relief from stress and anxiety). Come, relax and unwind!


BrainTap is obsessed with improving your brain power! Its proprietary technology uses proven science to restore balance to your brain for optimal performance for mind and body. You can expect to see improved clarity, more energy and better sleep!
Dr. Ann Miller

1-on-1 Coaching

Together, we will use verbal tools and processes to make it easier for you to be more conscious in any area of your life. We will eliminate any barriers you have put up to receiving what you desire. These tools and processes will take you from having a life run on auto pilot to a life filled with the ease of truly being you!