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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

The Ultimate Functional Medicine Tool

Why Blood Chemistry Analysis is the Ultimate Functional Medicine Tool:

  • It gathers lab test data and analyzes it for its hidden meaning
  • It reveals the subtle, web-like patterns hidden within the numbers
  • Gives a sense of dysfunction within what appears to be a “functional system”
  • Offers concrete, practical suggestions to correct underlying physiological imbalances

Did you know? The majority of conventional, standard or “normal” reference ranges for blood work results are based on the distribution of a bell curve which says that 95% of the population are “normal” and 2.5% of the population are above the “normal range and 2.5% are below the normal range? Think about that for a minute…think about all the people you see every day…Are 95% of them experiencing “normal” health? How could that even be possible with a 60% obesity rate in our country? The thing is that so-called “normal” range is based on statistics and not whether a certain value represents good health or function.

Functional Blood Analysis

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is:

A tool to assess the underlying cause of the many chronic diseases effecting the patient. It is NOT about the diagnosis but rather a way to analyze the functional state of health and assess trends towards ill health or trends toward health. Using this information along with the results from other functional diagnostic assessments, we can better prepare and implement individualized treatment plans.

FBCA is patient focused not disease focused. It allows us to see what is going on with them not in terms of disease or pathology but in terms of dysfunction.

Vacuum tubes for collecting blood samples