Food For Thought


“Rather than think in terms of calories, menus and diets, begin to think in terms of how food makes you feel. Foods should leave you feeling light, energized, revitalized– not heavy and dull.” ~ Dr. Howard Loomis, Jr.


Do you feel like your life is like running uphill? Do you push through your day, chronically exhausted, unable to stop, but running on fumes? Sadly, this is the typical day for many and how we feel comes down to how we fuel our bodies.

Unfortunately, when we are under stress we have a tendency not to make time to eat properly or eat at all. Therein lies our biggest problem and let me explain why. Would you agree that a car driving uphill would use more fuel to get to the top? Yes? Alright and would you also agree that the amount of waste that is produced is also increased? Yes? Ok, now let’s think about that same idea in terms of our bodies. Under stress (the hill), we require more energy to reach or maintain peak performance and at the same time we are producing more waste. When the body does not receive enough fuel to run its engine or processes it lets us know by producing symptoms. Common symptoms are: pain, fatigue, stiffness, sore joints, headaches and digestive complaints, to name a few. If you have any of these symptoms, your body is struggling. Don’t just cover them up until another symptom appears. The body is working hard just to tell you there is already a problem.

Let me help you find out where your body needs support. Once the cause is known, the treatment becomes obvious. Bring your body back into balance, restore health and enjoy the return of an energy-filled, pain-free lifestyle.