Food for Thought….

The last few days I have had some time to just relax and ponder some things. Like many of you, I am contemplating the changes I would like to see in the upcoming year. I know many people will resolve to eat better, live a healthier lifestyle, exercise or lose weight. As you may have noticed all of these resolutions have something in common – nutrition. So before making your New Years’ resolution let me share with you some food for thought about nutrition
Simply stated – Nutrition is the science of nourishing the body.
It should be used to prevent illness and disease as opposed to medicine, which seeks to cure disease once it is found.

Currently, many doctors of many disciplines use nutritional supplements as part of their practices. Yet they rely on the relief of symptoms for their use. I often refer to this as the “this for that” approach. Unfortunately, this nutritional approach has led to a lack of reproducible results.

A comprehensive method to determine what is causing the body to struggle to maintain health is needed. The symptoms of the struggle may be weight gain, intolerance of exercise, lack of energy, fatigue or even poor food choices.

Don’t you want to stop the insanity? Don’t set yourself up for failure by resolving to change a symptom. This year choose to find the cause of your personal struggle. Make your resolution a lifestyle that focuses on wellness and prevention of disease. Choose an approach tailored just for you.

I would love to know your thoughts. Please share your comments in the block below.


Dr. Ann