Drinks And Soups That Could Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss plans are reliant on your dietary choices. You must choose to be disciplined in eating the right kind of food for your body. This may mean getting stuff that is not on your usual list of ingredients. With the end in mind, you’ll find it much easier to make the necessary adjustments.

Apart from the foods that you eat, you must appreciate that what you drink also plays an important role in your diet. For example, everyone knows the downside of soft drinks. So what can you do instead? Primarily, switch to drinking water as it’s one of the best and easiest things you can do to improve your health. Beyond that, there are tasty beverages you can make at home that enhance the process of losing weight. The following post offers more detail:

5 Easy Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

Healthy smoothies could be your best-kept weight loss secrets. Filling and satisfying these blended drinks can provides an easy way to load up on tons of important nutrients.

I’m talking about fiber, proteins, and healthy fats to keep you full until your next meal.

These healthy smoothies recipes contain a wide range of ingredients like strawberries, turmeric, granola, Chia seeds, honey, pineapple, Greek yogurt and kale.

In this collection of healthy recipes, you’ll find something to satisfy your craving. It’ll also surely please everything from a sweet craving to an big, empty stomach. Read more at Fitwirr…

Smoothies with the right content are perfect for between meal snacks or even meal replacement. The fact that they are so easy to prepare means you can whip one up whenever you need “a little something” without caving in to the convenience of reaching for a bag of chips.

A Healthy Nightcap?

Another thing to consider is what constitutes a good precursor to bedtime. Conventional wisdom says warm milk is the way to go, but the following post makes a compelling case for red wine.

Confirmed: 2 Glasses of Wine Before Bed Helps You Lose Weight

Good news for anyone that prefers Cabernet over cardio. Drinking two glasses of wine before bed could actually be the magic pill that helps you lose weight, according to two recent studies from Washington State University and Harvard Medical School.

Here’s why: Apparently, there’s a polyphenol called resveratrol in red wine that transforms “white fat” into “beige fat” (aka a version that’s much easier to burn off), says researchers at WSU.Even crazier, the Harvard study, which looked at 20,000 women over the course of 13 years, determined that those who drank two glasses of wine daily were 70 percent less likely to be overweight. Whoa. Read more at PureWow…

If you’re not an alcohol drinker or simply don’t care for red wine, you can get the same active ingredients from strawberries, grapes and blueberries, as the post explains. Consider juicing these fruits before you go to bed for a tasty beverage alternative.

Soups On…Weight’s Off

When it’s cold outside, nothing warms up your insides like a good bowl of soup. Preparing soups with the right kinds of ingredients can be delicious, offer great nutritional value and help you slim down as well. The following post describes a great vegetable soup you can enjoy anytime:

Weight Loss Vegetable Soup Recipe

This soup is delicious, healthy and filling! It’s easy to make and perfect for lunch or afternoon snack.

Of course this soup isn’t the magic weight loss secret but if you’re trying to cut calories this is perfect to have in your fridge ready to enjoy! It’s loaded with flavor, fills your belly and is naturally low in calories and fat. When we are trying to cut back (usually in January after the holidays) we enjoy a small bowl of this soup before each meal. (And if you follow Weight Watchers, this is a 0 point soup…a freebie) or I use it as a snack to tide me over until dinner. Read more at Spend with Pennies…

Having a comprehensive weight loss approach is the key to losing extra weight. Of course, even when you have a plan you have to stick with it. Maintaining the discipline that’s required is where many people find the greatest challenge. If you know that a self-directed approach won’t work, you need to work with someone who can guide you along the path.

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