Is Chiropractic Care Safe For Children?

Children experience a lot of growing pains during their developmental years. As a result, visits to the pediatrician may be frequent and the array of medications prescribed can sometimes be more than parents are comfortable with.

Some of the common conditions that young children suffer from include persistent ear infections, colic and even runny noses. A visit to the pediatrician will more often than not result in antibiotic treatment. When a child has been on three or four antibiotics with no improvement, it becomes clear that they may not be dealing with the root cause of the problem.

This is why chiropractic care for children has becomes relevant – even popular, as Libby Ryan shares:

Growing number of parents are turning to chiropractors to treat their kids

Tobias Moteberg would not be confined to the chiropractor’s waiting room. The 1-year-old grinned mischievously at his mother before he bolted down the hall at a half-run, half-waddle.

“I play!” he announced, heading for the toy-filled room where he’d have his checkup.

A year ago, Tobias had his first visit to a chiropractor. He’s the newest Moteberg to receive chiropractic care, joining four other siblings ranging in age from 3 to 16. Read the full story here…

Understandably, most people would be cautious about chiropractic care for children. In fact, most of the parents that take their children for chiropractic care are those receiving chiropractic treatment themselves. This is because they have experienced the many benefits of this natural form of treatment and are confident about the safety of their children based on their own experiences.

Even so, it helps to address the main concerns that any parent would have before taking their children for any new form of treatment. The following post does this by busting five of the biggest myths surrounding chiropractic care for kids:

Five Myths About Chiropractic Care for Children

Chiropractors who provide care for children – and families – can attest to the many benefits of a healthy spine to a growing child. However, this relatively new area of focus for chiropractic is susceptible to many misconceptions, among the public and the health-care community.
Many of the public perceptions about chiropractic care for children, however, are far from the truth. We explore these misconceptions and spoke to the experts to get the real facts about this thriving chiropractic focus area. Read all 5 myths here…

One of the problems that chiropractic care has been particularly effective for treating children is ear infections. In fact, children that take antibiotics to treat the condition will often experience recurrence of the infection. This may be because antibiotics tend to depress the body’s natural immune response and this in turn encourages the development of resistant bacteria.

In fact, according to the CDC, antibiotics are not recommended for the treatment of ear infections in children. On the other hand, a study published on PubMed concluded that chiropractic care was more effective in reducing the symptoms of ear infections faster than traditional allopathic care.

The following post discusses this topic in more detail:

Chiropractic Care Better Than Drugs for Children’s Ear Infections

Suspected ear infections or otitis media account for over 35% of all pediatrician visits in the United States – that’s approximately 30 million doctor visits a year. But is a visit to the pediatrician the best way to handle them? Now we have well done studies on which to base our decision.

Many people are now turning to Chiropractic instead of traditional allopathic medicine to deal with ear infections for children. Chiropractors attempt to get to the root cause of a health problem rather than just treat the symptoms. Read full post here…

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