Children’s Wellness

We want your child to achieve a healthy and full life, without the need for drugs and medication. That’s why we’ve developed a safe, conservative, drugless approach—offering your entire family a solid foundation for Total Wellness.

Dr. Ann and her team approach Total Wellness by evaluating your child’s three sources of stress– mechanical, nutritional and emotional. In addition to caring for structural stressors and nutritional deficiencies, Dr. Ann is poised on the cutting edge of development by implementing Bal-A-Vis-X and BrainTap Technologies to improve cognitive and emotional wellness. Optimal physical function and full body coordination are achieved through the marrying of chiropractic care, Bal-A-Vis-X and BrainTap– making each a vital component to the Children’s Wellness Program.

Benefits include:

  • Learning becomes easier
  • Attention, focus, and impulse control increases
  • Behaviors diminish and social skills are strengthened
  • Self-control and self-regulation improve
  • Anxiety and depression decrease
  • Neurological challenges become manageable
  • Structural Integration
  • Recall and language skills are enhanced

Who Benefits

Everyone can benefit from the child who may be gifted to the child with special needs, including:

  • Dyslexia
  • Reading, Math and Writing disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Down Syndrome
  • Mental and Emotional Disorders
  • Dyspraxia

In addition, we provide strategies on proper diet, exercise, and posture giving them a head start learning good health habits at an early age which can establish healthy lifestyle patterns for the rest of their life. Your child grows up structurally and functionally sound and performing at their optimal potential physically, mentally and emotionally.