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New Year, New You! With Dr. Ann Miller

When was the last time you were thankful for your body? What is it going to take to change that? About this EventMake this the year that you discover a level of caring and allowance for YOU that you never thought was possible. There is nothing that stops us except our willingness to choose it!…

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Dinner with Doc — Slim by Spring!

Dr. Ann Miller will host a discussion about the link between stress. digestion, chiropractic care and weight loss. You will learn: Why eating right and regular exercise don't always result in weight loss (especially long term) Why Dr. Ann implemented the ChiroThin Weight Loss Program as part of her Health Restoration Program. Why finding the...
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YOU’RE INVITED TO LUNCH, LOSE, AND LEARN ON FEBRUARY 10TH, 2018! REGISTER TO ATTEND LUNCH, LOSE, AND LEARN ON FEBRUARY 10TH, 2018! February is National Heart Month! At our February Lunch, Lose & Learn, Dr. Ann will discuss factors affecting a healthy heart and lifestyle. She will talk about how the body responds to stress,…

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