What are we covering up?

How often do you wake up still feeling tired or even cranky with a nagging ache, pain or stiffness?
• Suffer with chronic headaches?
• Experience uncomfortable bloating, gas or distention after a meal?
• Have constipation or diarrhea?
You are NOT alone.

But the more important question is….Are you reaching for an Over- the-Counter medication or even a prescription to “fix” what ails you?
And, are we really fixing anything? What are we really missing when we cover up this warning symptom that our highly intelligent body has provided us with?

Did you know that it is estimated that only 10% of an iceberg is actually exposed above water? What if when we cover up our symptoms and get them to subside we are ignoring the full blown disease that is waiting, even lurking, just below the surface? It is not here yet, but you can bet it’s coming!

Why not listen to your body? Find the source of its struggle or stress when it first appears. This, is true prevention.

Stop fooling yourself into thinking you are healing something when you’re not. Too often I see the person with the full blown disease. And although it has taken some time to show up, there is always some level of, “Where did this come from?” This doesn’t have to be you. Take charge of your health and wellness today!

Yours in Health;
Dr. Ann