What is Access Bars?

An Alternative Therapy

Access Bars is a treatment that facilitates the reduction of stress and tension in the body. The Bars® are 32 points on the head that, when stimulated by a practitioner, release a positive neurological response. This can reduce the weight of heavy thoughts, decisions, beliefs and attitudes in different areas of our lives and bodies. These areas can include joy, sadness, sexuality, aging, and money!

Access Bars benefits include a significant decrease in the symptoms of severe anxiety and depression after a treatment session. Patients report mental clarity, better sleep and are able to better manage their anxious and depressive tendencies. Many find a sense of calm, balance and internal peace after a few sessions.

A Treatment Session

An Access Bars treatment typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Each session will vary – there is no normal treatment session. A practitioner will lightly touch and stimulate the bars-points, which feels like a gentle head massage. 

Patients most commonly report a feeling of complete relaxation, and some may even fall asleep. An Access Bars session encourages patients to mute the limitations they feel from negative thoughts and ideas. The Bars® correspond to different areas and aspects of life. Gentle pressure to these points can trigger the body’s ability to heal. 

The stimulation of bars-points targets our subconscious mind. Many people have unrecognized, self-imposed limitations within their psyche, which can drain their energy. This may even manifest in physical symptoms. An Access Bars treatment session can relieve these limitations without knowing why someone has subconsciously set them. 

History of Access Bars

The first Access Bars session was performed by the modality founder Gary Douglas almost 30 years ago. Therapy sessions are now performed by over 10,000 trained facilitators in 173 countries. 

Treatment and other Healing Modalities 

Access Bars is a relaxing, healing session that can increase the capacity and potency of other healing therapies, such as mediation. A sense of mental clarity and a greater ease in one’s body can be felt from a session of Access Bars. Access Bars is a great compliment to other forms of alternative therapy. 

Dr. Ann Miller offers Access Bars treatment as a method to help patients with mental clarity and peace. Patients can use Access Bars sessions as a tool, along with our other offerings, to approach specific personal goals. Treatment can also help individuals simply reach a state of deep relaxation after a busy day or week!