More Than Back Pain Relief – Chiropractic Care Impacts Brain Health

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It’s bad enough suffering from chronic back pain. However, apart from the continuous ache, normal everyday activities often become impossible. The simple pleasure of hoisting your child into the air and watching her face brighten with glee can become a thing of the past.

To forestall this future, you will be tempted to live on pain medication, but it’s not wise to pop pain killers every time you have that surging hurt in your back. Do you realize that the long-term effects of doing so can impact not just your back, but your brain as well? As scary as it sounds, it’s true. The back and the brain are intricately connected, as the following post explains:

Would you rather have a back problem or a brain problem?

Thousands of people of all ages across the world were asked whether they would rather suffer from a back problem or a brain problem. Every single individual responded that they would choose to suffer from a back related issue…

What most people fail to understand is that the two organs are connected. The Brain and Spine are really one and the same. The brain and spine combine to form the nervous system and the nervous system regulates the health of your body. Four medical studies over the last 10 years have proven that stimulating the spine improves brain function. Chiropractic care improves the brain and the health of the entire body through specific adjustments to the spine. Read more at Family Health Chiropractic…

The brain and the spine are highly connected, and that’s why you shouldn’t simply learn to live with back pain as the post above describes. Good posture, for instance, goes a long way toward improving your overall health in addition to aiding proper brain function.

Another reason why you shouldn’t ignore back pain is because it affects brain tissue. This eventually leads to the deterioration of your ability to perform normal everyday activities as the post below describes:

Back Pain and Brain Health

According to WebMD a study shows how chronic lower back pain may not only be painful, but it appears to be impacting your brain as well. Researchers found that six months after spinal injections, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, a brain region associated with pain, had thickened. Patients with lower back pain reported a difficulty concentrating, thus making it more difficult for them to perform the tasks… It is important to learn new healthy habits to better take care of your back and your health. Read more at Lavanga Group…

More than treating back pain, it is great if you can move from curative to preventive measures for taking care of yourself as the post above describes. So, how can you adjust your life in ways that will boost your health? One of the things to consider is your sitting position at your work station. As noted, good posture is crucial so look for ways it can be maintained or corrected in all aspects of your daily living.

The cognitive abilities of the brain will also be greatly helped when you deal with your back pain as described below:

Link Between Pain and Brain Function

Pain also puts increased demands on the brain. Patients with lower back pain show an abnormal amount of brain activity when performing the same tasks as those who do not suffer from such discomfort. They often report difficulty concentrating, says Stone. In testing, they show impaired abilities in cognitive tasks and decision making, which may be related to the distracting influence of pain and the demands it puts on the brain. Read more at WebMD…

Are you can see, relieving back pain isn’t just about stopping the ache. There are other major benefits that come into play as well. Dr. Ann Miller is ready to improve your back and your mind with chiropractic care. Contact her today by phone at 585-396-0527, or through the contact form on the website.