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Hi! My name is Ashleigh. I will, most likely, be your first point of contact in the office. Whether it be on the phone or in person, I can help answer any of your questions and schedule you to your needs. You can call me the office manager, the secretary or the administrative assistant; I do any and all of the tasks required! Dr. Ann would say I do everything but wipe her butt!! On top of all that, I am a certified Bars Practitioner and a veteran of our specialized weight loss program. I love to float around each area of specialty to help Dr. Ann or Melissa with anything that needs special attention.

In 2016, I started seeking ways for a healthier lifestyle and overall wellness. I was a patient of Dr. Ann’s long before I began working for her in 2017 and I knew, even before the day I started, I was exactly where I needed to be. I have learned so much about the body, nutrition / food, digestive health, energy, consciousness and so much more since entering her office. I thank the universe every day for our paths crossing!

At home, I live with my husband, two daughters, three dogs and a plethora of other animals to keep us busy. We work hard every day to make a sustainable home and way of living. I wouldn’t say we are homesteaders just yet, … but definitely on the way down that path! We love to spend the majority of our days outside, observing and learning about nature, the earth and all its creatures have to offer.