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A Closer Look At Recent Studies On Chiropractic Care

In every field of expertise today, studies are being carried out to explore new ideas and make new discoveries. Research helps to clarify issues, confirm or disqualify theories, and point the way forward on knowledge gaps. Chiropractic has grown in popularity over the years and studies on it are also on the rise.

Unfortunately, in the effort to increase scholarship some studies have been used to draw faulty or incorrect conclusions about chiropractic. For example, you may have heard about one recent report that seemed particularly alarming regarding the risk of stroke following treatment. The report made headlines — sensationalism sells — but the findings were wrong. For the sake of clarity, here is that study from last November:

Risk of Carotid Stroke after Chiropractic Care: A Population-Based Case-Crossover Study.



Chiropractic manipulation is a popular treatment for neck pain and headache, but may increase the risk of cervical artery dissection and stroke. Patients with carotid artery dissection can present with neck pain and/or headache before experiencing a stroke. These are common symptoms seen by both chiropractors and primary care physicians (PCPs). We aimed to assess the risk of carotid artery stroke after chiropractic care by comparing association between chiropractic and PCP visits and subsequent stroke.


A population-based, case-crossover study was undertaken in Ontario, Canada. All incident cases of carotid artery stroke admitted to hospitals over a 9-year period were identified. Cases served as their own controls. Exposures to chiropractic and PCP services were determined from health billing records. Read more at NCBI…

Thankfully, these disturbing findings were completely debunked by a follow-up study conducted by a team of neurosurgeons at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. The following post provides the details of the new research:

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Study Refutes Link Between Strokes, Chiropractic Care

(NewsUSA) – Is it time to finally put this one to rest?

Every once in a while, when some high-profile young man or woman dies unexpectedly from a stroke, the media races to find an explanation. Aha! She ran a marathon without being in shape! Aha! He visited a chiropractor several days before to relieve a pinched nerve in his neck!

The latter theory at least is refuted by research done this year by a team of neurosurgeons at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center. They performed what they described as “a systematic review and meta-analysis of published data” to determine whether there’s a direct correlation between the manipulation performed by doctors of chiropractic — manual adjustments widely acknowledged to relieve muscle-related pain — and a condition called cervical artery dissection (CAD) in which a small tear opens in the artery walls of the neck. Read more at HNG News…

Thanks to good scholarship, we now know that there is no correlation between chiropractic care and the incidence of strokes. The evidence in the Penn State study clearly proves this. It also underscores why it is advisable to treat the conclusions of a study with caution unless supporting sources have verified the claim.

One area where a good deal of research has been conducted is on the health benefits of chiropractic for pregnant women. The following study is just one example that proves expectant mothers have much to gain from regular treatment:

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Ground-Breaking Study Approved For Publication: Chiropractic And Pelvic Floor Control

A couple of years ago, Spinal Research got an exciting funding application that we were all too keen to get behind. At the time, debate was raging around the use of chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy and infancy. Dr. Heidi Haavik and her co-investigators, Dr. Jenny Kruger and Professor Bernadette Murphy were keen to investigate whether adjusting vertebral subluxations would alter pelvic floor muscle function.

The results are in and the research report has been approved for publication, but as these things take time we thought you’d like the scoop. This is big news for women and chiropractors alike!

The study demonstrated that adjusting the pregnant women appears to relax the pelvic floor muscles at rest [1]. As there were no changes seen when they adjusted the non-pregnant comparison group, this finding in the pregnant women appears to be an effect unique to pregnancy. Read more at Spinal Research…

To enjoy these and more benefits from chiropractic care, women (pregnant or otherwise), men and youths as well should receive regular adjustments from an experienced chiropractor.

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