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Finding Your Body’s Source of Stress – The First Step

Your initial Digestive Health Examination will take about 1 hour. The most important thing about our time together is that you to feel heard, cared for and reassured about your health concerns. I see many patients who need care but whose previous medical exams with other healthcare providers have come back negative. Rejoice! This means your problem is probably nutritional. Your nutritional evaluation will include a personal interview and health history, interpretation of a Sign and Symptoms Survey, a comprehensive postural exam and a Stress Point Palpatory examination (Digestive Health Exam). You will receive a test kit for a 24-hour Urinalysis and a requisition for additional lab work to be completed before your Report of Findings visit.

At the conclusion of your visit, I will know if you would benefit from chiropractic care, enzyme nutrition, a ChiroThin program or a combination of these services. If you’re health concerns are not best suited to the services offered in my office, I will refer you to someone who can better help you.


The Report of Findings – The Second Step

This visit will take 45 minutes. I recommend bringing a spouse, a friend or even a tape recorder so you can listen to the information again later. Questions are encouraged. I want you to come away feeling confident in your choice for wellness care.

Together we will:

  • Go over all exam and laboratory findings and relate them back to your original reason for seeking care in my office. This will give you a deeper understanding of your health concerns.
  • You will receive a personal wellness plan including recommendations for dietary modification, chiropractic care and enzyme nutrition (including vitamins and minerals). You may additionally receive instructions for home care and stress management.
  • Be assured that before we finish I will answer any questions you may have about what you can expect to experience during your individualized program. Know that I am here to support you on your journey to increased health, vitality and wellness.


What is a Sign and Symptom Survey?
In addition to gathering information about family history and dietary information, the Sign & Symptom Survey is a tool we use to gather information about your 10 organ systems. Many times patients have signs and symptoms that do not appear to have anything to do with their complaint so they do not mention them. This survey often reveals underling issues and helps me understand exactly what struggles your body may be going through in order to deal with your health concern.
What is a 24-hour Urinalysis?
This test is used to measure how well your body is able to maintain normal body processes and function. It is perfect for monitoring health. It is the best early warning system available today. It allows us to identify the reasons behind the symptoms- not just cover them up.
Why do we use the 24 hr-Urinalysis and blood analysis?
Blood analysis is part of standard medical testing because it can be done quickly whereas the 24 hr-Urinalysis takes some time. Blood analysis measures disease process. When blood analysis is positive it tells us that the body has exhausted its ability to maintain normal body processes.
What is the Stress Point Palpatory Examination?
This examination is also called our Digestive Health Exam. Often times when an organ is stressed it results in an involuntary muscle contraction in a corresponding part of the body. I will palpate many specific stress points during your examination in order to gather further information of where your body is struggling to maintain health.
How is Enzyme nutrition different?
Enzyme nutrition is designed to begin working in the upper part of the stomach thereby decreasing the amount of effort of other organs of digestion (for example: the pancreas, liver, kidneys and small intestines). When these organs are less stressed by the process of digestion they are better able to help maintain a healthy immune response.
Enzymes are the spark of life. They are the driving force behind virtually every biochemical process that occurs in the body. Enzymes activate our muscles, stimulate our nerves, make our hearts beat, keep us breathing and even help us think. These complex substances are also able to convert nutrients from food into strong, healthy bodies.
Where do we get our Enzyme Nutritional Products?
We use the exclusive product line from the Food Enzyme Institute developed by Dr. HowardLoomis, Jr. These products were designed specifically for the Loomis System, a tool for locating, identifying, and eliminating or reducing stress (chemical, structural, emotional) in the body.  The Loomis System is an integral part of our examination process.

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