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Food for Thought….

The last few days I have had some time to just relax and ponder some things. Like many of you, I am contemplating the changes I would like to see in the upcoming year. I know many people will resolve to eat better, live a healthier lifestyle, exercise or lose weight. As you may have…

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Making a Resolution that Makes a Difference

Each year just as we get past the holidays, we immediately shift to New Years and making resolutions. Look at the picture above. Have you thought about your resolution? Do you have one of these resolutions picked for yourself? When I looked at the list of resolutions in the picture I found they all had…

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Managing Mood with Food

Did you know that mood disorders are at an all- time high? Does it come as any surprise that we can manage our mood  with food? Consider the following: Exhaustion after a meal We all say that Thanksgiving turkey puts us to sleep, but what is actually acting as the sedative. Is it really the…

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What are we covering up?

How often do you wake up still feeling tired or even cranky with a nagging ache, pain or stiffness? • Suffer with chronic headaches? • Experience uncomfortable bloating, gas or distention after a meal? • Have constipation or diarrhea? You are NOT alone. But the more important question is….Are you reaching for an Over- the-Counter…

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