About Dr. Ann Miller


If you’re looking for a run of the mill chiropractic doctor to give you a quick checkup and prescribe you some DIY strength exercises, Dr. Ann Miller is anything but. Her purpose and passion in this world is to help people feel better and she’s known it since the age of 12. Not everybody has that sense of focused energy and motivation to do what they love and do it well, but Dr. Ann isn’t everybody.

She is truly a unique human being with life experiences to back up everything she does, including her own personal weight loss journey that began at the age of 13. Being overweight as a child was no picnic but with the help and medical supervision of her doctor, Dr. Ann lost her weight and gained a passionate perspective on nutrition.

She learned a valuable lesson of how pure, good food can help the human body and she has built that into her own practice. Losing weight through natural means paved the way for Dr. Ann to really dig into nutrition and it has since become a staple within her guiding principles. Enzyme Nutrition is also part of her toolbox which allows an in-depth look at the nutritional deficiencies of each person, giving Dr. Ann a digestive fingerprint, so-to-speak, in order to put together a personal plan of action.

Her impressive resume speaks for itself as she is a Chiropractor, Loomis Digestive Specialist, and Weight Loss Counselor, but she doesn’t need her resume to speak for her because her patients do. With more than 25 years of professional experience, she has modeled her practice on real-life wisdom and understanding. Her passion to help people pushes her to provide unique, quality care for each patient who walks through her door.