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The human body is a collection of complex systems working in partnership to maintain function and good health. Sometimes one or more of those systems becomes impaired and the body is thrown out of balance. When the problem involves a neuromuscular issue, particularly one requiring manual adjustment or manipulation of the spine, your best bet is to visit a chiropractor for diagnosis and treatment.

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Dr. Ann Miller, who has a thriving practice in Canandaigua, is not your run-of-the-mill chiropractor. Her scope of practice also includes nutrition and enzyme therapies to enhance the results she is able to offer her clients. In addition, weight loss is another of Dr. Miller’s specialties.

As part of her chiropractic care, Dr. Ann MIller provides professional care to eliminate your pain and allow you to gain your quality of life back as quickly as possible. Whether you are a working professional, an athlete, or an everyday person with chronic issues, the care you receive will be customized for you. We specialize in back pain, neck pain, TMJ pain, headaches, and extremity injuries. Dr. Miller’s therapeutic methods include the Diversified technique, Thompson technique, Activator technique, SOT Block and Respiratory Adjusting, Cranial-Sacral Respiratory Adjusting, and Advanced Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Miller says her patients often see an improvement in their symptoms within the first two weeks of treatment.

Dr. Miller offers an exclusive chiropractic weight loss program called ChiroThin. It is a natural dietary supplement containing a host of nutritional ingredients that are well known to aid in fatty acid transportation, fatty acid metabolism, and blood sugar stabilization, as well as increase metabolism and detoxification. When ChiroThin is combined with healthy and specific amounts of anti-inflammatory foods with a low glycemic index, your body is more efficient at converting stored fat into energy. This is the basis for weight loss.

Dr. Miller has successfully treated hundreds of individuals over the last 25 years. “I am the only exclusive food enzyme practitioner in the region,” she reports. With her holistic approach, she is able to correct the root cause of her patients’ complaints, not simply offer short-term relief for their symptoms. This equates to a greater quality of life, which should be the goal of any care practitioner.

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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors understand the relationship between each spinal nerve level and the body’s muscles and organs. This is what allows us to determine when spinal subluxation (misalignment) is the cause and when it is simply an effect. Read more

digestive health enzyme Canandaigua NY

Digestive Health

It should come as no surprise that our bodies only perform their functions and maintain themselves when given the proper building material (food). How well the body is maintained is dependent on the quality of these nutrients. Read more

weight loss clinic Canandaigua NY

Weight Loss

We offer weight loss assistance with ChiroThin, a natural dietary supplement that allows the body to more efficiently metabolize fat. The program includes dietary and behavioral modification guidance, as well as a strategy to maintain weight loss.  Read more

Dr. Miller — My Guiding Philosophy

Dr Ann Miller chiropractor

After my first 10 years in practice — I graduated in 1988 from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic — I was not satisfied with the results my patients were getting. They were coming back with the same problems or complaints on a weekly basis. I felt like a Band-Aid.

I was using nutrition at the time but there was no rhyme or reason to supplementation. I could see two or more patients with the same complaint and one would benefit from the nutrition and the others would not. It wasn’t until the Food Enzyme Institute and the work of Dr. Howard Loomis, Jr., entered my life that I was introduced to a scientifically based, reproducible method for determining underlying nutritional and/or enzyme deficiency.

I began practicing Enzyme Nutrition exclusively four years ago and have never looked back. I have had consistent results with this addition to my practice. This method is not a “this-or-that” approach. It addresses both the anatomy and physiology (chiropractic and nutrition) of each individual patient.

To begin, I examine posture, range of motion and functional movements/strength (this is the chiro part). If the patient does not show improvement based on my best clinical judgement then I additionally use palpation, patient survey, urine and blood lab work to determine underlying nutritional deficiencies that are resulting in constant re-occurrence. I am often told by new patients that they have never had an exam like mine.

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