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All my life I have known we are all wayshowers. That our thoughts become our beliefs, and our beliefs become faith. Who are we to hide our light, our goodness? If we hold back, we are only holding ourselves back from our true desire, our true abundance, health, happiness, satisfaction. We must push outside the envelope and embrace the discomfort of the unknown. We fear what we do not know and yet, we know that what we want, our life goal or achievement resides in that place that feels unapproachable. “Seek and ye shall find”, “knock and it shall be opened”. It is all there for each and every one of us. We just have to claim it by claiming ourselves. Who are you? If you could not fail, what would you choose?

Let me inspire you to be the most vital and healthy you possible.
Dr. Ann

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What are we covering up?

 How often do you wake up still feeling tired or even cranky with a nagging ache, pain or stiffness?  Suffer with chronic headaches? Experience uncomfortable bloating, gas or distention after a meal? Have constipation or diarrhea? You are NOT alone.  But the more important question is….Are you reaching for an Over- the-Counter medication or even […]

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